eVoucher FAQs

Connecting & Signing On

When I connect to eVoucher, there is no place to type in my user name or password. How do I log on?
I know I’m supposed to use an approved browser, like Internet Explorer, to connect to eVoucher, but Google (or another service) keeps popping up. How do I make it change to Internet Explorer?
My user name and/or password won’t work. What do I do now?
I have a new address and/or phone number. Do I need to tell someone?
On my profile, it says that my CM/ECF access is not validated? What’s that mean?
I want to change my user name or password. How do I do that?

Voucher for Fees and Expenses (CJA-20s)

I’ve been appointed to represent a defendant, but the case is not showing up in the appointments section on my homepage.
I’m trying to enter my time, but I get a message that the “services/expenses are out of the Voucher Start and End dates.
Shoot. I already submitted my voucher but now I realize I made a mistake on it. Can I get it back?
How do I know if I’m getting close to the $9,800 case limit for attorney services and need to request authorization to exceed that cap?
I want to check on the status of a voucher. How do I do that?
One of the documents I submitted is back on my homepage, but is now bright yellow. What’s up with that?
Hey. eVoucher keeps signing out even though I didn’t log off and I’m entering data on it.
When I try to submit the voucher, I receive an error message that “the date of this voucher is before the appointment date.
I want all my time entries to be listed in chronological order but I entered them, out of order. Can I fix that?
I want to look at all my time entries by category. Like, I want all my Jail Visits grouped together. Will it do that?
Before eVoucher started, the Court granted an Order allowing me to submit monthly vouchers and an Order allowing me to spend CJA money on an expert. Are these pre-conversion orders still good in eVoucher?
I have receipts or invoices that I need to submit because the expense exceeded $50. How do I do that?


Can I print the vouchers? How about saving an electronic copy—can I do that?

Creating Other Vouchers or Requests

I am trying to create an Auth or a CJA-21 or a CJA-26 but those options aren’t on the left-hand side, where they should be. What happened to them?
I created a CJA-21 for my interpreter (or other expert) but she says that the voucher she got won’t let her enter time on it.
The expert that I want to use in a case isn’t listed on the drop down menu. Can I still use the person?
I submitted a request for funds to hire an expert. How do I know if the request was granted?
I am asking for money to hire an expert. Can I just type the reasons in the comments section?
I have used an interpreter a few times in this case and I need to use her again. How do I know if I’m getting close to the $800 cap for experts and services?