Keeping Calls Private

Calls from client cells or pods or other common areas to a law office Assume that you must affirmatively opt out of recording at each location in advance of receiving any phone calls from a detained client. Counsel must take steps to privatize their phone numbers so that calls from detention facilities are not recorded. This is the only way to protect confidential and privileged calls from being recorded and possibly obtained by law enforcement or the prosecution.

To privatize your phone numbers, send a request on letterhead, by email to the facility. In the request list all phone numbers that may be used and ask for written confirmation that the numbers have been privatized. The letter must be signed by the attorney. Click here for a sample letter. 

Please note that some attorneys have in the past opted out and yet their calls were still recorded. Proceed at your own risk and save your requests for confidentiality and confirmation to document your efforts.

Here is where to send your request for privatization:



Contact Person

Contact Information


David Tatarsky

Jackson County Jail (Norton)

Captain Steve Buck

Harvey County Jail

Captain Scott VanHorn

FAX to his attn at 316-284-6993

Butler County Jail

Captain Ramsey

Sedgwick County Jail

Josh Anderson

Chase County Jail

Larry Sigler


Calls to or from a counselor’s office. Assume that all calls to or from a counselor’s office are, at the very least, monitored by the counselor (and therefore any right to confidentiality in at least the client’s end of the calls may be deemed waived).

Visits with clients. According to the Marshal and Judge Robinson, all federal detention facilities housing federal defendants charged in Kansas have either removed cameras from their visitation areas (CCA) or have arranged to shroud the cameras during attorney-client visits.